Why Choose BetterInstaller?

Why choose BetterInstaller? If you have a lot of traffic, you should be earning from each and every installation! If Banners and PayPal donations aren’t earning enough revenue for you, then consider the BetterInstaller solution.

What does BetterInstaller have to offer? We offer the advantages of Tier 1 advertising and customized campaigns to help you make money from each user. We instantly pair you with premium Tier 1 advertisers and save you the hassle of seeking out these partnerships yourself. Customized campaigns mean that we cater to each user based on their location and the software they have installed in the past. This way, we only offer campaigns to users who we know will have the highest take rate. These methods allow you to maximize your resume with a minimum level of effort. Your earnings are our priority- regardless whether your software has been pirated or shared illegally.

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