Uprise of Offer Screens

Why should you use offer screens within your software in the first place? We all know that online monetization of software can be difficult – but what is the most effective form of software monetization & marketing? How can you market your software in a way that will yield you the most success – installation wise & revenue wise?


Offer screens have proven to be an extremely effective form of advertising in the software industry. Offer screens are beneficial for both users and software developers alike. With offer screens, users can easily select or deselect offers, thus giving them control over what they choose to accept. Developers benefit from offer screens as well because they are given an opportunity to ‘recommend’ other software at the ideal moment when users are more likely to accept the offer. How do they do this? Developers can easily integrate a single offer into their installers by adding a few short lines of code. Whenever a user runs the installer one of the screens will show an offer for them to download. These types of screens have become industry standards and are commonly used by world renowned companies such as Dell, HP, Google, Skype, Microsoft and many others.


Alternatively, developers can choose to embed a dynamic offer screen that is able to analyze in real time – which of many offers would be suite the user. Such technology uses advanced algorithms that are able to determine within split seconds the geographic location and previously installed software that each user has and custom tailor an offer especially to them. This means a higher take rate for you! Offer screens are the ideal method for marketing your software and attaining new users.

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